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October 26-27, 2006
Hard-Wiring Inclusion
Online workshops Fall 2005.

2005 Summer Institute

"Inclusive Information Technology and Business Success"

Institute in Disability Studies
May 10-12, 2005
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

Day One (Tuesday, May 10)


Panel Discussion:
What is required to create a Canadian IT industry that is successful/profitable and produces technology that is accessible to and inclusive of people with disabilities?


  • Jim Tobias ( Inclusive Technologies , USA)
  • Gerard Goggin ( Disability Studies & Research Institute , University of Queensland , Australia)
  • Kier Martin ( Council of Canadians with Disabilities , Canada)

Are accessibility standards, regulations, guidelines, etc. the way to achieve a Canadian IT industry that is successful/profitable and inclusive of people with disabilities?


  • Helen Maskery ( Maskery )
  • Ian Brodie ( Canadian Standards Association )
  • Dave Dougall ( Research In Motion )
  • Susan Palmer Mazrui ( Cingular Wireless )
  • Mary Frances Laughton ( Industry Canada )

Day Two (Wednesday, May 11)

Topic: Partnership Regulation Models


  • Ian Brodie ( Canadian Standards Association )
  • Gerard Goggin ( Disability Studies & Research Institute , University of Queensland )
  • Tim Noonan (SoftSpeak Consulting)

Ian Brodie described the government-business-NGO-consumer consultations that are the basis for Canadian Standards Association standards. Gerard Goggin discussed the government-industry-consumer body that regulates the Australian telecommunications and networked digital technologies industries. Tim Noonan discussed collaborative partnerships in the development of standards for online banking and e-commerce accessibility.

Topic: From Technical Innovation to Innovative Thinking


  • Steve Jacobs ( IDEAL Group, Inc. )
  • Jeff Pledger ( AbleTV.net )
  • Umang Dua ( Issist, Inc. )

Emerging technology has the potential to minimize disability as a source of disadvantage for people living in the information age. However it's not happening. Why is this so? What is it that precludes manufacturers of mainstream technologies from designing accessible products? What can we do about it? Do competitive market forces work against designing for access? Is it too expensive?

Day Three (Thursday, May 12)

Topic: Challenges of Engaging Industry in Research on Accessibility


  • James Watzke ( British Columbia Institute of Technology )
  • Gary Birch ( Neil Squire Society )
  • Aldred Neufeldt ( University of Calgary )
  • Denise Buchner ( University of Calgary )

This panel discussed the challenges they faced as non-industry researchers attempting to engage and collaborate with the IT industry. Lively audience discussion yielded innovative strategies.

Closing Discussion


  • Deborah Stienstra ( University of Manitoba )
  • Marcia Cummings ( Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians )
  • Anthony Guirgis ( University of Manitoba )
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